We have helped a development-stage biotechnology company crystallize its long-term strategy

Client challenge

Clients: Commercial, Medical and Partnering

Scope out asthma market landscape, refine lead product TPP & CDP, develop strategic positioning platforms & forecast model & develop value dossier

InterPhase Consult solution

InterPhase Consult as commercial lead on client’s core strategic team

The InterPhase Consult SOLVI consulting process was applied to facilitate a logical step-wise process to crystallise strategic planning for the company’s lead compound

Stakeholder input (through advisory boards and market research managed on behalf of client) to validate pricing and positioning strategy with customers

Scenario development, forecasting and valuation supported business planning regarding launch preparedness and market access


Client achieved greater understanding of the competitive space and their product’s position within it

Client developed improved strategic planning capability

Strategy, robustness of approach and stakeholder input was brought into the TPP and CDP: a new Phase IIb study has been designed and approved as a result

Ongoing relationship with ever-expanding scope of projects

True partnership model

Assisted in publications planning work and agency management