The InterPhase Consult SOLVI process facilitated opportunity assessment and lifecycle strategic prioritization

Client challenge

Clients: Global Lifecycle Leader and Global Development Leader

To take an ‘out-of-the-box’ approach to 1) agree an overall brand vision, 2) identify, assess, and decide where to strategically pursue lifecycle development, given unknown potential within neuroscience

InterPhase Consult solution

Using the InterPhase Consult SOLVI process, we facilitated an expansive funnelling, assessment and prioritization process, validated by an external advisory board, to guide early decision-making & support business case development for investment decisions


Large-scale desk research to build evidence and rationale maps for all potential common and uncommon diseases

Stakeholder interviews across global and US internal stakeholders, including Heads of Neuroscience Clinical Development, Discovery, Medical Affairs and Commercial Analysis

Facilitation of stakeholder workshop to agree lifecycle vision and potential directions, and strategic external expert meeting to challenge the evidence and theories, hone the feasibility analysis and agree priority areas for clinical development