We used a specialised group study technique to independently validate the findings of a client’s clinical study

Client challenge

To independently validate the findings of a prior clinical study, which assessed potential patient handling errors with two competing medical devices

InterPhase Consult solution

An online Delphi study: an anonymised interactive and iterative technique designed to bring a group of experts to a consensus opinion

Study group comprised of ten prominent research leaders in the field, with particular expertise in device handling

Study was conducted over a series of four rounds, in which participants were asked to consider concerns with patients’ handling of the medical devices, and were then able to re-evaluate their original opinion based on the feedback of the rest of the group


An independently compiled list of patient handling concerns was generated for each device, validated by a group of experts in the field

Consensus opinion was achieved across the study group for the majority of handling concerns discussed

The study showed that the client’s product had fewer patient handling concerns than its competitor