A SPLASH™ online analysis helped a client understand how to optimise their marketing strategy

Client challenge

To understand the volume of online discussion surrounding their product, as well as two competitors

To gain insights into who and what is driving online discussion around treatment options in the selected therapy area

To assess potential educational gaps, and areas for differentiation vs competitors

InterPhase solution

Conduct a SPLASH™ online deep-dive analysis, comprising:

– Broad and in-depth searches of social media channels & online HCP resources relevant to the client’s product, as well as the selected competitors

– Analysis and interpretation of the dataset to uncover insights and map knowledge, understanding and gaps


An in-depth analysis of the volume and content of online discussion relating to the three products, based on defined messages to analyse

Discussion analysed by geography, as well as by date and time. Peaks or troughs in discussion relating to key events were identified

Strategic recommendations provided to optimise the impact of the client’s online communications