We identified and mapped key connections between top therapy area and biosimilars experts

Client challenge

To identify the key experts at a global level in terms of both therapy area expertise and an interest in / knowledge around biosimilars

To understand how these experts communicate with and influence one another, allowing an efficient engagement campaign targeted at only the top influencers and connectors 

InterPhase Consult solution

In-depth publication, non-publication and online audit to identify most prominent experts, followed by a series of interviews with them to understand key influencers

Network mapping through a range of different parameters. Visualised using centrality analysis, which moves more influential experts to the centre of a circle that represents the network


A consolidated list of over ~3.5k experts, scored by their level of publication, non-publication and online activity, and weighted according to a complex framework

Comprehensive visualisations of connections between the top 200 experts, allowing key targets to be readily identified

An understanding of the key communication channels that would optimally distribute the client’s messages