We supported a client in making a go / no-go decision to launch in a new market

Client challenge

Attain key market landscape information required to make a business-critical go / no-go decision

Understand the potential value of their portfolio, and the ways in which its uptake by key stakeholders could be encouraged

InterPhase solution

Analysis of prescription data to understand current market landscape, supplemented by in-depth desk research into competitor materials and tactics

Analysis of payer guidance regarding generic usage. Payers segmented into high / low promoters of generics, which was built into market valuation and interview recruitment

Interviews with payers, HCPs and patients to understand drivers and barriers, and supplement understanding of road to purchase 


Thorough understanding of road to purchase, including how best to approach key stakeholders and what tools to use

Top-line market sizing based on two pricing scenarios to help support business case

Insights around competitor activities, and what added value services would differentiate in a crowded market